Little story
about our FIVECOLORS*

Five Colors combines the essence and entertaining pillars that have helped create international entertainment industry staples such as Hollywood, Babelsberg, Bollywood and Nollywood.

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The expertise*

Have you heard of our services?

Films, TV, media Services, Content Production- Audio Visual

All kind of content production.

As mentioned before we do lots!, Write, Film, Act, you name it chances are we have done it, and if he we haven’t we will do it. We’ve been everywhere, from offices, to deserts, and all of that. You don’t believe check these out!

Advertising & Photography

for all commercials & Agencies.

The roots of media essentially are in the photograph. At Five Colors we provide all the tools to create a perfect canvas for our clients. From lighting, composition, touch ups, themes and content, a lot goes through making story through a photograph. All business outside of the entertainment community, have a story to tell, and we at Five Colors are always listening and willing.

Production Equipment Hire & Studio Rental Production Services, Location & Accessories

Studios , equipment all your need.

We are a consolidated production house, that produces for local, Co Production projects and foreign projects different forms of production in the form of Films: Shorts and Features, Music Videos, TV Shows, Music Videos Commercials, even Animated Content. Being part of Two Four 54 Media Collective in Abu Dhabi we are legible to host international clients for the 30 percent rebate production plan.

We rent out all kinds of equipment for Post and Production purposes, including cameras, monitors, lights, as photography equipment as well. We also provide location/office space for studio rental services for Pilots and all aspects of content.

Events & Wedding Management

Meeting of companies and conferences, distinctive marriages.

The demand for exhibiting products has become a necessity, in all industries everywhere. That is why there is a market for events.  At Five Colors we provide all kinds of services for different events, from governmental, to public, private to corporate. Five Colors has event options for all of our clients, from consultation on the brand, to the execution of what stalls and the management of the actual venue.

Post- production Services Web Design & Development ,Online Stores & content

Aenean vulputate eleifend tellus.

We cover all aspects of postproduction, from color grading, sound design, VO Work as well as ADR. We do editing for all kinds of content including animation.

Models & Talents Agency

if you Talents , Models or you looking for.

To just represent talent without nurturing and guiding them is like putting water in a sinking boat. At Five Colors we take the concept of managing talent very seriously. We represent all kinds talent ranging from Actors, Singers, Models, and the like. We also provide career advice as well as career trajectory with similar models that are based on the United Kingdom’s, Equity Union as well as Screen Actors Guild, American Television and Radio Association, ranging from social media, film, radio, TV and all mediums of entertainment.

Media Training & Online Academy

if you want training

In an effort to build an industry education is key we offer at workshops, courses at levels from notable professionals in the field of entertainment, writing for television, film, playwrighting, acting, editing, presenting, and recently costume design with a lot more professions in media being covered soon.

Our people*

Some of our people making fivecolors running at the world

Mashael Naser


Tareq Melfi

Founder, Filmmaker

Dr. Khalid Murizig Alharbi

Board member and development

Crystal Web

Unites States , Manager

Taha Saqa


Turki Alrowili

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Anthony Flores

Unites States , Producer


Photography Editor

Humoud Al Qahtani

Member of the Board of Directors

Emad Albrikan

Director of Photography

Asan Beak

Meddle East Equipment Department