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In order to increase the efficiency of the team, test the capabilities and know the equipment’s capabilities, imagine that the budget of this work did not exceed $ 2,000, and was filmed in a month where the cooperation was very large with the special emergency force in Al-Jouf , And we had very great possibilities of armor and other soldiers and they worked with us for many more hours until this work was accomplished.

  • Pre-production stage, one month only format.
  • The stage of photography and production lasted 25 days.
  • The post-production phase took almost a week.

I thank members of the security force for working with us day and night.

We work at FiveClears to shoot a lot of educational projects in order to raise the efficiency of the team and the trainees. If you want to be one of our members, contact us and be one of the members who are trained in these wonderful projects. You may become a permanent member to be one of the members who earn money with us.

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media Content Production- Audio Visual

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media Content Production- Audio Visual